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Card payment and cross-border processing solutions

Currency Select offers Merchants, Payment Service Providers, Acquirers and Card Schemes innovative card acceptance and transaction processing solutions and services on Point-Of-Sale (POS) payment terminals, e-Commerce and ATM channels. We are specialists in Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Processing (MCP).

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Global Presence
Founded in Australia, Currency Select has expanded globally with acquirer and merchant relationships throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.
Solutions and Services
Currency Select is a specialist in the business and technology of card payment acceptance, especially where cross-border transactions are concerned.
News & Information
Latest news and information about our business for customers, partners and other stakeholders.
Global Blue
Global Blue's vision is to be the go-to brand for merchants and banks wishing to increase their business from international travellers.

Cross border card payment innovation 



Our business is moving card payments between shoppers, merchants, acquirers and issuers both within and across borders. Our expertise is with the technology, ecosystems, operations and economics of card payments. Our offering is solutions and services to capture, authorise, clear, settle and report card transactions, safely and securely.


With our own end-to-end transaction processing platform, direct interfaces to Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay and support for POS, e-Commerce and ATM acceptance channels, we are a compelling partner for merchants, PSPs, acquirers and card schemes that need card payment solutions for spend-ing (merchant acquiring), send-ing (tax refunds, money transfer) and vend-ing (ATMs).


And specialising in Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Processing (MCP), we are a compelling choice for industry sectors with growing cross-border payments such as hotels, travel, tourism, retail, e-Commerce and education.


Currency Select is also now part of Global Blue (, the tax refund and international shopping services specialist.


If you are a merchant seeking a card acceptance solution or an acquiring institution wanting to implement DCC or MCP on POS, e-Commerce or ATM channels, then please contact us to assist you.


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