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Welcome to Global Blue

Global Blue operates one of the world’s biggest and most trusted Tax Free Shopping networks, providing its customers with savings of up to 19% on everything they purchase abroad at any of Global Blue’s 270,000 shopping partners. Currency Select is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Blue.


Global Blue also helps travellers to find the brands they’re most interested in, whether those are globally famous fashion brands or niche designers that are unique to a certain city. In many ways, therefore, Global Blue is the globe shopper’s best friend.


Over the last 30 years, Global Blue has grown from being a small business to an international group of companies. Global Blue's continued success is guided by a strong vision and clear mission.


Global Blue's vision is to be the go-to brand for merchants and banks wishing to increase their business from international travellers, and for travellers who want to get more from shopping abroad. This means striving to be the perfect travel companion for globe shoppers, a business generator for merchants and a business partner for banks.


Global Blue's mission is to add value to the interaction between merchants and shoppers via a comprehensive suite of services and deep understanding of international shopping and spending.


Learn more about Global Blue at


Read the latest news at Global Blue's blog - The World Shopping Hub.


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